About Maxiyield

Maxiyield is a calculation tool and interactive resource that enables you to define, (and refine), your fertiliser needs very carefully and very specifically to suit your own cropping environment and crop choices.

It is a tool for all phases and stages of your business.

It is easily accessed from your desktop, your mobile or other hand-held device – so always at your fingertips.

Integral to Maxiyield is RLF's method of Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM), as it involves all aspects of productivity, plant development and growth. It allows you to integrate a fertiliser program that addresses the needs of all crop production elements.

It is a 'Seed, Soil and Leaf' approach.

The basis of Maxiyield has benefited from many demonstration and evaluation trials and has delivered superior and sustained results over many years.

These trials have been conducted as part of RLF's commitment to research and development by its dedicated scientific and technical team with trials being conducted in the laboratory, within our own farm-based research facilities, on-farm with the involvement of many individual farmer and grower customers and by independent external researchers within farms and facilities of their own. These results are all readily available on the RLF website.

Maxiyield is both method (i.e. IFM) and means (i.e. it determines your own specific fertiliser requirements so that optimum outputs can be gained, with no added, wasted or lost inputs).

It is a NEW approach. It is an innovative approach. It is a tried and tested approach.

The easy to use Maxiyield is a step-by-step calculator that allows you full control of your fertiliser requirements and programs. It is a modern-day resource for the modern-day farmer.

About Integrated Fertiliser Management

IFM is the term used to describe the process in which nutrient levels in seed, soil and leaf are balanced and managed throughout the entire growth cycle of the crop to improve overall performance – not only for today, but for the future as well. It is a fully integrated fertiliser management strategy.

The goals of IFM are based on gaining better results, more reliability and at no additional cost. So put simply :

  • expending the same financial outlay (or even slightly less)
  • gaining better yield
  • receiving more financial return
  • achieving greater reliability in crop production, financial  discipline and future crop systainability

IFM improves performance in so many ways and the positive impacts, improvements and efficiencies are :

  • a reduction in the amount of granular fertiliser required
  • more efficient water use because of the processes involved
  • increased plant strength and health
  • assured crop quality and increased yield
  • beneficial return of biomass to the soil, an important safeguard for the future