Benefits of Integrated Fertiliser Management

Crop quality and yield is becoming increasingly more important for markets all over the world. As the world population grows, and the viability of some agricultural lands decreases with overuse or over-management, modern-day farming strategies such as IFM are relied upon to deliver more positive and measurable outcomes.

The eight key benefits delivered by IFM are :

  • 1. Safe transfer of nutrients
  • 2. Increases yield regardless of fertiliser rate
  • 3. Effective in all soils
  • 4. Fixes nutrient variability in seed lots
  • 5. Greater root mass
  • 6. Early vigour and stronger plant growth
  • 7. Higher yield and quality value
  • 8. Good business for the farmer

Farmers and growers everywhere are looking for crop advantage. But they are also looking for ongoing and future sustainability advantage too.

IFM is important because it supports all of these crucial outcomes :

  • it minimises risks and maximises opportunities for cropping success and increased yield
  • it ensures input costs are invested in the best areas to drive home the best yield
  • it gives the opportunity to reduce traditional input costs by channelling just 10-20% of the fertiliser budget into modern farming products
  • it adopts new farming practices based on plant science and advancing technology for more efficient and beneficial products
  • it provides the advantages of the latest high performance products available
  • it applies plant science principles by establishing new nutrition practices involving fertilising the seed (95%effective) and applying high performance Ultra Foliar (80-85% effective) in support of the less effective, but required methods (a soil granular regime of 15% effectiveness)
  • it gives opportunity to increase the quality and health of crops and produce
  • it gives opportunity to increase crop yield
  • it can deliver better financial returns
  • it improves the quality of the soil through the return of nutritious organic biomass so that it can continue to support farming and agricultural business enterprises for years into the future