IFM is a powerful tool for the modern-day farmer who wants to improve not only his crop's potential today, but who wants to protect his land's potential for the future.

Based totally on the physiology of the plant, there are numerous benefits to utilising Maxiyield through the benefits of IFM.

Based totally on time and economic efficiencies, there are numerous reasons to consider a change to your historic fertiliser regimes.

  • The young plant (embryo) gets its first signal of having sufficient phosphorus when the seed imbibes water. Later, when the radicle grows into a developing root system, (depending on the soil P-level or its accessibility to granular phosphate), the second signal as to the yield potential by the early completion of tillers 1 and 2, is perceived. It is therefore important that the available phosphorus in the seed is adequate – and this could be secured through seed priming.
  • It is well known that the root uptake of phosphorus is some 10% - 20% of the season's input. This contrasts with an efficiency of some 80% for foliar applied phosphate.
  • Where soil tie-up of phosphorus is high, the contribution of foliar phosphorus in improving yield is higher.
  • Having phosphorus in a broad-spectrum blend is an easier and more practical approach to growing uniform healthy crops, than to vary fertiliser application rates in the same paddock or row, based on soil fertility mapping.
  • Foliar uptake requires half of the plant's energy as compared to soil uptake. The extra energy could be used by the root system to increase root mass and root-associated microbial activity.
  • By budgeting and using some 10% - 20% of your P in increasing seed level of phosphorus, and phosphorus-based foliar fertilisers, yield benefits result with no added fertiliser cost.

Crop quality and yield is becoming increasingly more important in all corners of the world.

Farmers and growers everywhere are looking for crop advantage – in the quality and health of their crops and produce – in increased yield – in better financial returns – and in the improved quality of the soil so that it can continue to support their business enterprises for years to come.

Maxiyield helps you achieve these goals.